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The 2021 Tosche Home Garden Plan

What are we going to grow this year?  That was the question that I had to answer when planning out our first year's garden at the new acreage.  And like many overly-excited new gardeners, I may have gone a little over the deep end.  From plotting out my exact garden plan in Excel, to charting out my seed-starting dates, transplanting dates, and likely first harvest dates, I was all-in.

  However... since we didn't move in to our new property until December, and I waited until early February to place my orders, I missed out on some things, especially perennial plants and trees.  (There's always next year, right?)  I didn't realize how soon seed companies and nurseries would sell out of certain varieties.  I had to order some of my seeds from a different source than I intended, when I found out my first choice had sold out.  Some things I could not find online at the time I looked, period. I don't know how much of this rush on seeds and plants is "normal" for this time of year, and how much is a result of the overall run on supply chains due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  But for the most part, I got the seed varieties I was wanting, even if I did end up paying a bit more for them (and more in shipping, since I had to order around).

Here's what we're growing this year- vegetables, herbs, ornamentals and shrub/vine perennials.

  I'll cover the trees we ordered for our orchard in a later post.

Disclaimer - this is the plan.  I know I have a bad habit of going "oooh, and this, and some more of that, and I'm sure we can squeeze a few more of these over here..."

Tomatoes (because ya gotta start with tomatoes!)
Better Boy - 4 plants
Amish Paste - 7 plants
Brandywine Black - 3 plants
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye - 3 plants
Blue Berries Cherry Tomato - 2 plants
Blue Cream Berries Cherry Tomato - 1 plant

Clemson Spineless - 2 plants
Hill Country Red - 2 plants
Jing Orange - 2 plants

Lettuce (succession planted)
Slobolt - 8 plants
Black Seeded Simpson - 8 plants
Buttercrunch - 8 plants
Bibb - 8 plants
Marvel of 4 Seasons - 8 plants
Red Romaine - 8 plants
Ruby Red Leaf - 8 plants

Castle Dome - 15 plants

Sweet Corn
Bodacious - 66 plants

Green Beans
Calima - 4 plants
Blue Lake Bush - 4 plants

Black Beauty Zucchini - 4 plants
Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash - 1 plant
Jarrahdale Pumpkin - 1 plant

Kajari Melon - 1 plant
Golden Midget Watermelon - 1 plant

French Breakfast - 50 plants

Danvers 126 Half Long - 48 plants
Black Nebula - 48 plants
Longue Rouge Sang - 48 plants

Yukon Gold - 2 lbs
Magic Molly Fingerling - 2 lbs
All Purple - 2 lbs
French Fingerling - 2 lbs
Kennebec - 2 lbs

Honeoye - 21 plants

Greek Oregano
Sweet Basil
Lemon Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Mammoth Long Island Dill

Luffa Gourd - 1 plant

Garlic (Fall planted)
Chesnock Red Hardneck - 3 bulbs
California Early Softneck - 2 bulbs

Shallots (Fall planted)
Yellow Moon Dutch Shallot - 1/2 lb

KangaRhu - 3 crowns

Hinnomaki Red Gooseberries - 1 plant
Orus-8 Gooseberries - 1 plant
Poorman Gooseberries - 1 plant
Prime Ark 45 Blackberries - 6 plants
Ouachita Thornless Blackberries - 4 plants
Heritage Red Raspberries - 6 plants
Anne Yellow Raspberries - 6 plants
Double Gold Raspberries - 3 plants
Jostaberries - 1 plant
Crandall Black Current - 1 plant
Hill's Kiev Select Black Currant - 1 plant

Somerset Seedless Grapes - 1 plant
Venus Seedless Grapes - 1 plant
Vanessa Seedless Grapes - 1 plant
Einset Seedless Grapes - 1 plant

I wanted to find Jeanne Gooseberries and Petite Jewel Seedless Grapes, but alas, I ordered too late!

The plan is to have the dill planted near the tomatoes, and marigolds planted alongside, and to plant nasturtiums among the broccoli.  I'll fence the garden, and surround the whole thing with calendula (to hopefully keep the rabbits and deer from investigating what's on the other side of the fence. - I'm not sure it'll actually work, but hey, it's pretty!)


The 2021 Tosche Home Garden Plan

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