Thursday, 05 May 2022 09:46

Six Ways To Use Cantaloupe Microgreens

Cantaloupe microgreens are a robust little sprout - juicy and full of summer flavor.

They have an incredible fresh cantaloupe aroma, and are lightly sweet, with slight fresh cucumber notes. Incorporating these microgreens into your diet gives you added vitamin C, potassium, and carotenoids to support heart and eye health. Microgreens in general are the baby plant as it first sprouts from a seed, and usually eaten before they grow their first true leaves. Seeds are packed with nutrition, and these baby plants often have much higher nutrient concentrations than their adult counterparts.

But how do you use these little beauties? They are so flavorful, I could happily eat them plain, but here are several ideas to bring them to your table as a side dish, condiment, or even a dessert!

1) Top your bowl of cottage cheese. 

A bowl of cottage cheese

The light, fresh melon flavor pairs well with the cool, salty profile of cottage cheese. Just sprinkle some microgreens over the top, and stir them in!


2) In a fruit salad.

Fruit Salad

Since the microgreens already have the taste of melon, they're a perfect addition to boost the nutrition in a fruit salad.


3) On top of goat cheese on crackers.


Bonus if you drizzle honey over the top to bring up the sweetness. This is especially fantastic for entertaining. Your guests will be amazed by a microgreen they've probably never seen before.


4) In a smoothie.


There's no bitterness to be disguised, but if you already enjoy smoothies, the vitamins in cantaloupe microgreens will elevate your smoothie nutrition.


5) On a turkey sandwich.

Turkey Sandwich

Much how the slight sweetness of cranberry sauce rounds out a turkey sandwich, using cantaloupe microgreens in place of lettuce on your sandwich will give it a sweet, crunchy lift to an otherwise plain sandwich.


6) On vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream

This might be an unorthodox suggestion, but there's just something about cantaloupe microgreens and dairy. Since they're sweet to begin with, they pair well with ice cream, and bring it up a notch. And it's also great to know you're getting your vitamins together with your dessert!