WBF Ruben ("Oakley")

Goat, Cashmere, Wether (male) | Silver

CGA# 2030 | DOB: 1/20/2023


     SS: STC Harriet's Boy (Harmony)
     SD: STC Red
Dam: CPRC Joy
     DS: GK Orion
     DD: CPRC Ella

Oakley was born with two twin sisters. He's the youngest of our cashmere goats. When he first came to our farm, he was extremely people-shy. That's common in dam-raised goats, but after working with him for several weeks, he became the cuddliest baby bear. He's smaller than the other cashmere goats, and he knows he can't physically push his way past everyone to get attention, so he plays the "cute loner" - which always works to get him some extra-special love and cuddles. When we got our little bottle baby, Thistle, he realized that he was bigger than someone, and thought maybe he could push her out of the way for mom's attention. She was unphased by this, and he'll soon learn that she's going to grow much taller than he is before long!


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